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  • MSM Snap Shackle 1" slot
    MSM Snap Shackle 1" slot

    Our own mix taking stainless steel shackles and getting them locally powder coated. Sport captive pins and welded rings for long term durability. Ranger Green hopefully coming in the near future.This version sports a 1" wide webbing slot, cool hardware for quick release applications. Spring loaded, latch will not release until ring is pulled sideways away...

  • Spring Loaded Cam Buckle
    Spring Loaded Cam Buckle

    Sometimes referred to as a quick release cam buckles, these have been in use since the ALICE gear era and are still used on cool guy slings today. General idea is they restrict webbing movement to one direction until the spring release is pulled to allow webbing movement in both directions. Made of metal they are quite durable and the design offers a...

  • BFG Universal Wire Loop w QR socket
    BFG Universal Wire Loop w QR socket

    A 2 in 1 piece of hardware, the core is a wire loop for creating durable connections with various firearms sling loops, yet additionally a QR socket is built in to offer further sling multipoint options. The UWL works perfectly on a front eyelet on AK type rifles as well as SCARs, ACRs, HKs, Sigs or other weapon with small or odd sized eyelets all while...

  • BFG Modled Burnsed Socket
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    BFG Molded Burnsed Socket

    A great piece of hardware to create a QR hole that can be attached by webbing offering great sling multipoint options and more. Although currently slotted more for 1.25" webbing, can work fine on 1" webbing as well. Constructed with a metal QR hole and polymer base offering a great balance of durability and affordability.  

  • BFG Burnsed Socket
    BFG Burnsed Socket

    A great piece of hardware to create a QR hole that can be attached by webbing offering great sling multipoint options and more. Although currently slotted more for 1.25" webbing, can work fine on 1" webbing as well. Completely made of metal for the highest durability.  

  • BFG RED Swivel
    BFG RED Swivel

    Rapid Emergency Detachment Swivel (RED Swivel): A great piece of hardware that takes the concept of a QR swivel, but works with the gross motor movement of a grab and pull instead of the push of a small button. Fits anywhere a normal QR swivel could go. The patent pending RED™ Swivel releases with a straight pull on the sphereo-conical knob instead of...

  • Gearward Kevlar Cord
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    Gearward Kevlar Cord

    Kevlar cord can be quite handy for survival and E&E by being a very durable and heat resistant material. Some use examples include: saw through flexcuffs, secure doors, help build shelter, rig animal traps, and even make a fishing line using one of the 3 strands. The cord starts being rated as a 200 pound line and a single strand gives around 60 lbs of...

  • ITW GT Cobra® Buckle
    ITW GT Cobra® Buckle

    ITW Nexus North America is proud to partner with AustriAlpin, the GT Cobra high strength polymer buckle system. Designed to be more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market, with a targeted tensile load of 500lbf, the GT Cobra buckle is a 100% Polymer system with no metal components.  A few of the many GT Cobra advantages include its...

  • ITW G-Hook Flat
    ITW G-Hook Flat

    NOTE: These are the standard / flat version 09241-22-2188xG-hooks offer compact webbing mods connecting with a simple hook to 1" webbing and offering 1" slots to connect additional webbing. Example attachment points include the sides of tac-vests or up on shoulder straps (packs or vests). Since metal, the G-hooks are very flat compared to a typical SRB...

  • AUSTRIALPIN Cobra® Frame
    AUSTRIALPIN Cobra® Frame

    Based on the AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle styling, these special tri-glides feature extremely high strength (18kN) and low profile design.  Made of 7075 grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel adjuster bar. NOTE: AA has been transitioning from annodizing colors to powder coat colors so the coyote color can vary quite a bit, check in with us if you require...

  • MSM QR Keychain Econo
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    MSM QR Keychain Econo

    The core strap is made of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® which allows placement of mini patches 2"x1" now using our powder coated snap shackles. Most folks will connect the QR shackle to something like a belt loop, but feel free to get creative connecting to other gear such as vests and packs. Currently made in house at MSM in the USA.-No Patches Included. NOTE:...

  • MSM QR Belt Rig Econo
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    MSM QR Belt Rig Econo

    Based on our original QR belt rig, this variant uses less expensive parts to give good bang for the buck. We use one of our 2nds snap shackles which doesn't have a super durable coat, but functions great and instead of a g-hook a simple tri-glide is used. Although made with belts in mind, feel free to get creative connecting to other gear such as vests...

  • 54inch Multicam Loop VELCRO® Brand
    54inch Multicam Loop VELCRO® Brand

    Have a special large project like a morale patch banner where only the finest MIL velcro will do? This is full on VELCRO® Brand Loop fuzzy side done in Multicam camouflage with excellent color matching. The width is 54", Sold by the yard, 1 unit = 1 yard, this is the sew on version.   If multiple yards are purchased we will assume to pack without...

  • Positive Locking Cord
    Positive Locking Cord

    This Berry Compliant Cord is a similar width to 550 cord, however the rough texture makes it very grippy and hence the name, positive locking. Great for all kinds of lashing and tactical crafts,  Just like 550 cord, the ends can be easily burned to seal / finish. Currently sold by the YARD. Thus a 10 unit pack = 10 yards / approx 30 feet.   

  • Shock Cord
    Shock Cord

    Berry Compliant Shock Cord Made with Invista IR Compliant nylon yarn. Shock cord works great as an elastic cord, popular on packs and other gear, a very handy DIY resource. Currently sold by the YARD. Thus a 10 unit pack = 10 yards / approx 30 feet.   

  • AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle
    AustriAlpin Cobra® Buckle

    Now sold as half buckles / parts to allow better customization! However one will need to buy both a male AND a female piece to make a complete buckle. (The classic standard is a male adjust and female fixed) AustriAlpin COBRA® quick releases buckles are, without equal, the world's safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing quick release...

  • ITW D-Ring
    ITW D-Ring

    ITW Nexus D-Ring are perfect wherever a rigid attachment point is required. Unlike metal D-Rings, they won't rust or corrode. 1 unit = 1 D-ringITW Part Number: 110-0100-xxxx 

  • ITW Tri-Glide 1inch
    ITW Tri-Glide 1inch

    The Triglide Strap Adjuster is perfect in any strap or webbing application where variable length is required. It also works well in combination with other buckles as a means of securing loose webbing needs. 1 unit = 1 Tri-GlideITW Part Number: 105-0100-xxxx 

  • Contigua
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    Ultra small and light (only 1.3oz), yet strength rated to 23kN. Overall approx 3.5" x 2" these make for great EDC carabiners. The smaller size cuts down on bulk being better for holding other objects like sets of keys while at the same time these are real deal load bearing capable carabiners. For those really wanting to go lightweight, the wire gate...

  • Adhesive Loop VELCRO® Brand
    Adhesive Loop VELCRO® Brand

    Sold by the foot, 1 unit = 1 foot. This is full on Military VELCRO® Brand Loop fuzzy side done with adhesive / sticky back - brand #72. Great for helmets, small electronics, weapon furniture, and more. The adhesive achieves full bond strength in 24 hours (after applying on the gear surface), and works well in temperature ranges from -20° F to 225° F.   

  • VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® Brand 1inch
    VELCRO® ONE-WRAP® Brand 1inch

    Sold by the YARD:VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® has many uses, but for gear it really shines offering strap and wire management. A great replacement to where duct-tape was the common choice in the past, with one-wrap being much easier to release and reuse. One side is hook and one is loop, however the hook style is done lower profile so it doesn't accidentally...

  • ITW Picatinny QASM Ramp
    ITW Picatinny QASM Ramp

    The Picatinny QASM-RAMP is designed to mount, hold and/or organize any/all of your M1913 Picatinny mountable accessories. Introduce this ultra-modular capability to your kit for unlimited mounting options in any location containing 1” sewn webbing. The new Picatinny QASM-RAMP can be used in numerous scenarios, whether it is mounting your incident camera,...

  • Fusion Compact Bent 8
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    Fusion Compact Bent 8

    This new aluminum descender is extra thick with ears and belay slots.  It allows the user control while descending or belaying with a heavy load. Weighs only 3.1oz with a size similar to just a carabiner. Overall approx 3.2" x 4.3"  Width   Height   Major   Weight   Weight 3.2" 4.3" 25kn 3oz 0.188lbs  

  • Fusion Terminal 8
    Fusion Terminal 8

    This aluminum descender has a large inside diameter with ears and belay slots.  Large design makes it ideal for fast use in adverse conditions and easier to handle heavy loads. Ears allow user the ability to tie off the rope to use both hands freely. Overall approx 6.8" x 6.7"  Width   Height   Major   Weight   Weight 6.8" 6.7" 45kn...

  • Fusion Tacoma Steel ScrewGate Carabiner
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    Fusion Tacoma Steel ScrewGate Carabiner

    Extremely strong and versatile with a large nose and generous opening for easy clipping making it a great choice for a wide variety of industrial and sporting applications. The alloy steel body and screw-locking gate provides extra strength. The nut locks against the gate to prevent jamming, screw locking mechanism provides secured closure of the gate....


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