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  • Fusion Tacoma Steel ScrewGate Carabiner
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    Fusion Tacoma Steel ScrewGate Carabiner

    Extremely strong and versatile with a large nose and generous opening for easy clipping making it a great choice for a wide variety of industrial and sporting applications. The alloy steel body and screw-locking gate provides extra strength. The nut locks against the gate to prevent jamming, screw locking mechanism provides secured closure of the gate....

  • Fusion Techno Zoom Bent Carabiner
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    Fusion Techno Zoom Bent Carabiner

    This ultra-light bent gate aluminum carabiner weights only 1.7oz. It's ergonomic body and bent gate and has generous gate opening for easy handling and clipping to rope. Ideal for sport racks or any application where weight matters. Meets UIAA standards. Great for EDC use, but with load bearing capability. Overall approx 4.1" x 2.5"  Gate Opening...

  • Fusion Supreme S-Gate
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    Fusion Supreme S-Gate

    Simple oval-shaped carabiner with an aluminum body, straight non-locking gate. It is a popular choice for industrial, sports and tactical applications; Oval shapes generally being good to prevent load shifting. Snag free key lock for faster and smoother clipping and un-clipping. Overall size approx 4.4" x 2.4"  Gate Opening   Major   Minor...

  • MSM Pear-S Carabiner
    MSM Pear-S Carabiner

    With no luck getting a hold of carabiners in good colors we had to take matters into our own hands. These are great Pear / HMS shape S-Screwlock carabiners; Light weight aluminum sporting a classic pin nose for the most strength. The Pear shape offers a large gate opening and can be a belay device using a HMS knot. The screw lock is well knurled for a...

  • ITW ZipLine Alpha
    ITW ZipLine Alpha

    These zipper pulls offer some nice benefits over traditional plastic end tabs. Since a fancy visco-elastic molded rubber-like material it will not absorb fluids. Tensile strength is around 40lbs so plenty enough to stand up to normal use, but will break away if snagged during heavy movement rather than resulting in a bad day. Different sliders will offer...

  • MSM Retracto-Plugs
    MSM Retracto-Plugs

    Based on the tech used on our DLUX CG hats we are now bringing the same great functionality for helmets. Each pack contains 2 retractors each with a plug, with hook and loop sticky-back fastener circles. The plugs themselves are triple-flange style, 25 db rated, and are also replaceable using a screw mount. Although most users will use hook and loop for...

  • Safety Snap DA
    Safety Snap DA

    Very similar to the Kong Tango with the improvement of a bottom guard to shield the rear safety from being jammed up from foreign objects. A lot like a caribiner with a great balance of speed and security. Gate will not open until the rear safety is engaged which occurs naturally when gripped. Approx 5.5" long x 2.75" wide.

  • MSM QR Belt Rig
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    MSM QR Belt Rig

    A seemingly simple rig made to allow a quick release setup on belts. The G-hook supplies many features including tri-glide functionality, alternate PALS connection, and enhanced grip when threading through both the hook and slots. Which side the pull cord faces can be easily changed by disassembling and flipping over the G-hook. Elastic is included to...

  • Para V-ring
    Para V-ring

    Commonly used on rigger's belts, this V-ring fits 1.75" webbing, or 1-23/32" if you want to get para-technical. Forged steel and rated as Strength: 4000 lb

  • Para Adjuster Bar
    Para Adjuster Bar

    Commonly used on rigger's belts, this adjuster bar fits 1.75" webbing, or 1-23/32" if you want to get para-technical. Forged steel and rated as Strength: 5000 lb

  • 1.25inch QD Sling Swivel
    1.25inch QD Sling Swivel

    These are great for weapon rail packages, stocks, and accessory mounts that support QD Sling Swivels. Loop itself rotates freely on one axis, however when installing into a mount, user can choose horizontal or vertical mounting rotation (90 degree flexibility). Release is performed by pressing the top "button". Gunmetal Grey color, sized to interface best...

  • 1inch QD Sling Swivel
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    1inch QD Sling Swivel

    These are great for weapon rail packages, stocks, and accessory mounts that support QD Sling Swivels. Loop itself rotates freely on one axis, however when installing into a mount, user can choose horizontal or vertical mounting rotation (90 degree flexibility). Release is performed by pressing the top "button"; this particular swivel is very accidental...

  • Grenade Rings
    Grenade Rings

    Genuine grenade rings, only used once (ha!), make for great heavy duty keyrings as the thick wire used makes them much more bend resistant compared to typical keyrings. Approx 1" inner diameter and 1.25" outer diameter.For cart clarification 1 unit = 1 ring. 

  • Keyring 1inch ID 1.25inch OD
    Keyring 1inch ID 1.25inch OD

    Some simple EDC kit, these are sturdy black keyrings. Approx 1.25" outside diameter, 1" inside diameter. A slightly beefy version of the size most expect a common keyring to be. 

  • Keyring 1.25inch ID 1.5inch OD
    Keyring 1.25inch ID 1.5inch OD

    Some simple EDC kit, these are beefy dark grey keyrings. Approx 1.5" outside diameter, 1.25" inside diameter. 

  • ITW 1" Oval Slide
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    ITW 1" Oval Slide

    A simple, yet handy slide. Can be used as a tri-glide or get creative such as making it interface with other hardware to create modular attachment points. Since flat and has more length than width it can be inserted into hardware loops creating a secure snag. 

  • ITW Tac-Link
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    ITW Tac-Link

    These are great for non climbing carabiners. Rated at about 300lbs breaking strength, this is more than enough to secure a weapon, yet is a good spec to break away if heavily snagged to prevent injury. The latch hook has also been removed for general easier usability. The TAC-LINK is a high strength polymer attachment device with GhillieTEX™ IR signature...

  • ITW G-Hook Wave
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    ITW G-Hook Wave

    NOTE: These are the middle bar with wave variant 19241-22-2188xG-hooks offer compact webbing mods connecting with a simple hook to 1" webbing and offering 1" slots to connect additional webbing. Example attachment points include the sides of tac-vests or up on shoulder straps (packs or vests). Since metal, the G-hooks are very flat compared to a typical...

  • ITW SurfaceMount 1inch
    ITW SurfaceMount 1inch

    ITW 1" Surface Mount Buckle consisting of 3 pieces each unit:810-1059-xxxx – Surface Mount Buckle810-1060-xxxx – Surface Mount Base810-1058-xxxx – GTSR-1 maleAnother great SRB option, these Surface Mounts allow the female portion to be attached to fabrics. An example use is on magazine pouches as they enhance ease of use due to the female portion always...

  • ITW Waveloc Male
    ITW Waveloc Male

    NOTE: Only the male piece is sold on this page. For those tired of their straps slipping through normal buckles on actions such as rucking with speed, the Wavelocs offer a nice strong hold on 1" webbing. These will interface with other ITW 1" female pieces such as repair buckles, surface mounts, and the QASM. Due to the tight fit, only a single strip of...

  • ITW Tac-Toggle
    ITW Tac-Toggle

    A simple piece of hardware that can enhance the pull capability of cordage. 2 holes in the center allow 550 cord size cord to be wrapped or tied as desired. Can be grabbed in numerous ways, but excels when gripped between fingers in a fist. Size is a good balance of grip-ability while not being a large snag hazard.ITW Part Number 743-0200-XXXX  


    ITW 1" QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount Buckle) consisting of 2 pieces each unit:810-1076-xxxx – QASM Body810-1058-xxxx – GTSR-1 maleThese are similar in concept to the repair buckles, however lay nice and flat consistently in place for a more low profile end result. Using the splits, no sewing is required and can mount to the majority of 1" webbing...

  • Multicam Loop VELCRO® Brand
    Multicam Loop VELCRO® Brand

    This is full on VELCRO® Brand Loop fuzzy side done in Multicam camouflage with excellent color matching. Sold by the foot, 1 unit = 1 foot, this is the sew on version. 

  • Hook and Loop
    Hook and Loop

    Good MIL-Spec stuff and we are selling it by the foot. Hook is the male side with little hooks while loop is the the soft female side. This is the sew on version. Both sides, hook and loop are supplied with each foot unit purchased.  

  • ITW Mash Hook 1.25inch slot
    ITW Mash Hook 1.25inch slot

    The MASH (Metal All-purpose Snap Hook) gateless snap hook offers an alternative to the HK-style snap hooks in common use for sling systems. The MASH is constructed from stainless steel and comes in sizes for 1" and 1.25" wide webbing. (NOTE this page is selling the 1.25" slot version) Pressing on the thumb tabs in the middle separates the two rings,...


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