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  • KA-BAR MSM Knife 001 + TapRack Sheath
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    KA-BAR MSM Knife 001 + TapRack Sheath

    Now with version 001 supplies almost gone, we wanted to make the last ones special so offering ones with high end sheaths by TapRack Holsters. They come with the hardware to use with the supplied BladeTech Belt mount and can still use Malice Clips as well. Pack comes with all the pieces one normally gets with a knife purchase along with the sheath. Main...

  • KA-BAR MSM Knife 001
    Out of stock
    KA-BAR MSM Knife 001

    It took a while, but we are happy to release our collab knife with KA-BAR. The general idea is to have a big ass tanto with an enhanced thumb ramp and thick enough for plenty of abuse. All kinds of grips are possible with the thumb ramp particularly forming great to one's hand in a reverse blade forward grip. Everything is included to get to business...