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  • Gearward Keychain DuctTape
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    Gearward Keychain DuctTape

    (Starting with Brass and hope to get in Stainless soon!)Keychain Duct Tape is an elegant and effective way to integrate duct tape into your Everyday Carry. It can be refilled over and over again, and its solid, one-piece construction will provide a lifetime of utility. The result is a very handy bit of kit that you will be proud to have in your EDC. Duct...

  • Gearward Ranger Bands
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    Gearward Ranger Bands

    Ranger Bands are field grade rubber bands designed specifically for outdoor use and urban improvisation. Cutting up bicycle inner tubes has been a classic DIY trick for a while and what sets Gearward Ranger Bands apart is that they are made out of double-thick EPDM rubber, and designed specifically for functioning in the outdoors. EPDM has a working...

  • Gearward Kevlar Cord
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    Gearward Kevlar Cord

    Kevlar cord can be quite handy for survival and E&E by being a very durable and heat resistant material. Some use examples include: saw through flexcuffs, secure doors, help build shelter, rig animal traps, and even make a fishing line using one of the 3 strands. The cord starts being rated as a 200 pound line and a single strand gives around 60 lbs of...