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  • Pork Eating T-Shirt
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    Pork Eating T-Shirt

    Based on our Pork Eating Crusader design;I'll start off by saying you are pretty much guaranteed to get in trouble and receive free talking-tos wearing this badboy. The overall look is subdued, but the design is rowdy big on the back to let you know the MSM crew doesn't mess around. Front features small MSM logo on the upper left.      

  • MSM Logo Stencil
    MSM Logo Stencil

    Thought we'd give stencils a try, they are like stickers where the gift keeps giving. Made of Mylar they offer flexibility to use on both flat and curved surfaces while still being durable for repeat use. Can tape on for quick action or use a temporary adhesive backing to get really clean line results. Design size is about 7" x 6.3". Since our logo we are...

  • Spartan Helmet Decal
    Spartan Helmet Decal

    These decals are made of cut vinyl so if you have not used before they take a smidgn' more effort to apply. First one must peel off making sure the vinyl is all on the sticky tape side. Make sure the surface you are applying to is clean then put er' on there. Be sure and press down hard on the vinyl parts so when you pull off the tape, the vinyl will stay...

  • Love Bunny
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    Love Bunny

    Kicking it old school with more classic pinup; Done in woven style to capture as much detail as possible. Happy to collaborate with the great Bawidamann on this guest design. www.bawidamann.com2.36" x 3.8" Hook fastener sewn on the back 

  • MSM Logo T-Shirt
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    MSM Logo T-Shirt

    Simple small text on the front left and big ass monkey head on the back.     

  • Tactical Trunk Monkey Morale Patch
    Tactical Trunk Monkey Morale Patch

    Tactical Trunk Monkey Patch, a term used for rear gunners.Hook fastener sewn on the back3" x 2"