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  • Kong Tango
    Kong Tango

    The Kong Tango: A longtime favorite for tactical safety connection. A lot like a caribiner with a great balance of speed and security. Gate will not open until the rear safety is engaged which occurs naturally when gripped. Slot will fit many applications, but flat side works nice with 1" webbing. Approx 5.5" long x 2.75" wide.

  • Kong Buckle 928F.44
    Kong Buckle 928F.44

    A lesser known buckle, but made by Kong so you know it is good stuff. Functions similar to a cobra buckle so you get the stab style functionality, but made of carbon steel so feels a bit more heavy while providing plenty of strength all while being economical. Approx 4.5oz slotted for 1.75"ish webbing. Basic spec sheet: <KONG BUCKLE 928F.44>  

  • Kong Frog - OEM
    Kong Frog - OEM

    Kong doesn't offer the Frog Express version quite like they used to, but we were able to get a batch of OEM versions. This Frog variant has no markings, yet is mostly black, and uses the screw bolt in the back. The webbing slot size is more for .75", but one can still ram 1" tubular webbing in there just fine. For those concerned about the super plain...

  • Kong Frog
    Kong Frog

    These are a pretty cool unique high speed connector hardware piece. The size works great for climbing type rope or connecting to hardware such as D-rings on Rigger's Belts. To operate, just push the side tabs in and the front will be ready for insertion. Connecting will cause the system to auto close. To release, gently pull away while pushing in the side...