Gearward Kevlar Cord Expand

Gearward Kevlar Cord


Kevlar cord can be quite handy for survival and E&E by being a very durable and heat resistant material. Some use examples include: saw through flexcuffs, secure doors, help build shelter, rig animal traps, and even make a fishing line using one of the 3 strands. The cord starts being rated as a 200 pound line and a single strand gives around 60 lbs of breaking strength. What makes the Gearward version shine is the handy carry case that keeps the cord from unrolling yet also can be opened to offer easy access to quickly using the cord. The mini size unit contains approx 60 feet of cord while the micro size is a 2 pack of approx 25 feet each (Thus 50 feet total).

  • Mini
  • Micro
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