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Gearward Ranger Bands


Ranger Bands are field grade rubber bands designed specifically for outdoor use and urban improvisation. Cutting up bicycle inner tubes has been a classic DIY trick for a while and what sets Gearward Ranger Bands apart is that they are made out of double-thick EPDM rubber, and designed specifically for functioning in the outdoors. EPDM has a working temperature from -50 to 300 degrees, works well with water, and does not break down from exposure to sunlight the way normal rubber bands do.
Not only do they hold the kit securely in place, but the Ranger Bands also serve as an excellent source of tinder. Because rubber is non-absorbent, it's completely waterproof, and the extra-thick bands burn for 3 minutes.


  • 2" x 0.5" 
  • Made out of EPDM Rubber for outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance
  • Holds gear securely in place while allowing it to be easily removed when needed
  • Each band burns for 3 minutes with a large flame, making it an ideal source of tinder
  • Made in USA and sold as a pack of 20


  • Black
Unit Pack
  • 20unit
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