MSM Retracto-Plugs Expand

MSM Retracto-Plugs


Based on the tech used on our DLUX CG hats we are now bringing the same great functionality for helmets. Each pack contains 2 retractors each with a plug, with hook and loop sticky-back fastener circles. The plugs themselves are triple-flange style, 25 db rated, and are also replaceable using a screw mount. Although most users will use hook and loop for mounting, the retractors have bonus loops for possible sew-down points. If one ever feels those get in the way, they can easily be cut off. Decide location of retractor mounting keeping in mind avoiding direct contact with operator’s head while being still being accessible. Functionality is intuitive, just pull on the plugs to cause slack to allow ear insertion. When plug usage is done, pull plugs out of one's ears then press the large buttons on the side of the retractors to retract. 
NOTE: For best consistent retracting, it is recommended to pull the plugs all the way out of the slack before pressing the button to give full spring tension.

Note on color choice: it refers to the plug color, however all retractors are od-green.

  • OD-Green
  • Black
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