MSM Zippered Key Pouch Expand

MSM Zippered Key Pouch

Tactical Tailor

We aren't the first to make this type of pouch, but hope folks will appreciate our take on the idea. Made from high quality materials ours has a little padding to make the zipper function smooth along with helping carrying comfort. We also make our zippered key pouch a little longer so more EDC type tools/gadgets can be carried. You might be thinking like me when I first saw these type of pouches: "what is this tacticool wanabe crap?" However after a bit of thinking I knew they were a perfect fit to protect my pants from my keys. While being active keys in a pocket can be a bit bouncey causing noise and friction additionally resulting in pockets blowing out way sooner than other parts of the pants. 

Another perk I found was when enough cord is provided it works great as a pullcord to easily retrieve the pouch when deep in a pocket or covered up by other gear / clothing. Enough 550 is included to let the user get creative with length and different knots; if worried about theft when in a risky area, one can just make sure the cord is also deep in their pocket. Although the best protection is provided when the pouch is closed, when needing quicker functionality the pouch still offers a good amount of protection and noise dampening even when the zipper is still open. A quick clip and 1" keyring are included to give ready to go mounting options right out of the box. Feel free to only use one to shorten the internal hang length. As stated even though keys are the main intended items to carry, there is enough space to carry other small tools which commonly can be not so pocket friendly in the long run so this pouch helps out there as well.
Approx 5" x 2.5" x 1"
Made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.

  • Multicam
  • Marine Coyote
  • Black
  • RangerGreen
  • Wolf Grey
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