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Rhino Hanger

Tough Hook

From the makers of the Tough Hook and Hanger, this Rhino variant is similar to the Tough Hanger, but replaces the lower grip with lower tension clips for more accessory holding options.
Tired of finding creative ways to hang your heavy kit to get it off the floor? The Rhino Hanger is the easy fix with additional room for creative functionality. Made to hold heavy setups such as battle vests, scuba rigs, or whatever cool guy stuff you want to hang without having to worry about the hook exploding. While the original Tough Hook was made with vests in mind, this Rhino Hanger variant with rounded corners is made with suits in mind like moto leathers, ski suits, chem suits, and more. Made of High Impact Plastic Resin Material and same great strength:
150LB+ Load Capacity - Made in the USA - 100% Lifetime Warranty

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