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  • XShear Trauma Shears 7.5inch
    XShear Trauma Shears 7.5inch

    If use your trauma shears near everyday or want to step up your shears game these XShear trauma shears were designed from the ground up to greatly enhance the quality level on the classic trauma shears concept. Features include: Hardened stainless steel blades that are twice as thick as most trauma shears, sharpened to a razor edge. BLACK TITANIUM...

  • MSM EMT Shears TiCN
    MSM EMT Shears TiCN

    Handy EMT / Medical Shears good for cutting about anything, but primarily used for removal of clothing on wounded patients to allow access to injuries. Overall solid in quality, they can do all the classics like cut pennies, this TiCN coated version makes for a very durable coat with smooth action.About 7.5" in total length when measured from furthest...

  • Zippo Windproof Lighter
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    Zippo Windproof Lighter

    Ol' reliable Zippo Lighters, made popular in WWII with soldiers and still popular today for good reason. Comes packaged in a gift box. Currently stocking Matte Black and Matte Green (OD) Genuine Zippo windproof lighter with distinctive Zippo "click" All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere Refillable for a lifetime of use;...

  • Zippo Emergency Fire Kit
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    Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

    Designed to save the day, the Emergency Fire Kit comes through when others turn back. Its compact and high-caliber construction packs enough punch to overpower bleak conditions and fire up your campsite at a moment's notice. FEATURES: Zippo flint spark wheel Includes 5 easy lightweight paraffin wax-coated spark tinder Ignites with spark or flame...

  • Zippo Mag Strike
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    Zippo Mag Strike

    The Zippo Mag Strike is simple and effective with a robust size to make it easy to grip. The ferrocerium rod and striker deliver a shower of sparks to light your fire wherever and whenever. Its textured grip, solid triangular body and the ultra-sharp blade allow you to strike with more precision and firepower to ignite every adventure. FEATURES:...

  • Zippo Typhoon Match Kit
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    Zippo Typhoon Match Kit

    This match kit is ready for any adventure. Its heavy-duty construction and sealed strike pad keep the 15 (included) Typhoon Matches protected and in one place, so you can light your fire in even the most severe conditions. Tube itself is a great survival container if not holding just matches.Item includes 1 Match Kit, 15 Typhoon Matches & 3 Strike Pads...

  • Thyrm PyroVault
    Thyrm PyroVault

    Up-armor your classic lighter with a sealed enclosure, webbing clip, and sure-grip surfaces. Finally, your favorite lighter can keep up with you wherever you go. PyroVault™ Features: Housing accepts standard Zippo-style lighter inserts including both fluid and butane torch models O-ring seal keeps the elements out and minimizes evaporation...

  • Gearward Keychain DuctTape
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    Gearward Keychain DuctTape

    (Starting with Brass and hope to get in Stainless soon!)Keychain Duct Tape is an elegant and effective way to integrate duct tape into your Everyday Carry. It can be refilled over and over again, and its solid, one-piece construction will provide a lifetime of utility. The result is a very handy bit of kit that you will be proud to have in your EDC. Duct...

  • Gearward Ranger Bands
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    Gearward Ranger Bands

    Ranger Bands are field grade rubber bands designed specifically for outdoor use and urban improvisation. Cutting up bicycle inner tubes has been a classic DIY trick for a while and what sets Gearward Ranger Bands apart is that they are made out of double-thick EPDM rubber, and designed specifically for functioning in the outdoors. EPDM has a working...

  • MSM Reflector Straps
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    MSM Reflector Straps

    We made a test batch of these with bikers and PT folks in mind; a simple solution to easily be able to add reflective capabilities to a pack or belt. Made of 3M Scotchlite Reflective High-gloss vinyl you can be sure you get great durability and reflective power. Length wise we size them so there is enough to flow down a big messenger bag, yet can be sized...

  • MSM Notebook Cover Plus
    MSM Notebook Cover Plus

    Like our original cover, with a bonus elastic strap for page retention options: A minimalist approach to be a cover for classic 3" x 5" notebooks like our RITR ones. Instead of some elaborate pouch you have to unzip to access, our MSM notebook cover allows one to do what all you really need; keep a pen or pencil nearby handy. Made of hypalon for the main...

  • MSM Zippo Lighters
    MSM Zippo Lighters

    Genunie Zippo Lighters with laser engraved MSM designs, even come in a Zippo Box. Starting the party off with black matte and black crackle color options with art laser'd off to show the brass.             Genuine Zippo Lighter with Distinctive Zippo Click All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere Refillable for a lifetime of...

  • Camelbak Chute 1L Bottle
    Camelbak Chute 1L Bottle

    NEW Designs added! MSM Logo, Pirateskull, and Don't Tread on Charcoal bottles.The new Camelbak Chute design is great for those who like to chug their liquids yet not make a mess. To further separate it from the Eddy Bottle we are offering this one in big boy 1Liter size. Some product highlights include: Angled spout provides an ergonomic drink...

  • Live Fire Gear - 550 Fire Cord
    Live Fire Gear - 550 Fire Cord

    Very similar to typical 550 cord, however an extra red interior strand is added that burns a nice consistent flame as opposed to the usual white strands and outer shell just melting. This way you still get the functionality of 550 cord yet with tinder ability integrated.  Simply deploy your 550 FireCord to meet all of your parachute cord needs. When you...

  • Live Fire Gear - Fire Starter
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    Live Fire Gear - Fire Starter

    Live Fire is meant for ALL weather conditions and takes a spark easily from Ferrocerium rod, lighter or match. The entire contents are 100% waterproof and will even light after being submerged in water for long periods of time.Each unit is approximately .90 oz in weight. Burn times average 30 minutes with the lid completely removed. Because the lid slides...

  • RITR Tough Mechanical Pencil
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    RITR Tough Mechanical Pencil

    For those who are interested in a pencil without all the mess and fuss of sharpening, RITR recently made a mechanical pencil for high adventure folks. Even the lead itself is rugged at 1.1mm thick. Kit includes all you need to get to writing business out of the box: 7 lead sticks, and 2 extra erasers for a total of 3. Simple operation of rotating metal...

  • Gearward Kevlar Cord
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    Gearward Kevlar Cord

    Kevlar cord can be quite handy for survival and E&E by being a very durable and heat resistant material. Some use examples include: saw through flexcuffs, secure doors, help build shelter, rig animal traps, and even make a fishing line using one of the 3 strands. The cord starts being rated as a 200 pound line and a single strand gives around 60 lbs of...

  • MSM Tactical Notes Set
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    MSM Tactical Notes Set

    Combining everything you need for a minimalist tactical notes taking package; starting with our slim notebook cover, you also get the appropriately sized and great functioning all weather pen. So you can get immediately started, a MSM logo RITR notebook is included free with every set! Currently all the pens are black, but we have Tan and Black notebook...

  • MSM Notebook Cover
    MSM Notebook Cover

    A minimalist approach to be a cover for classic 3" x 5" notebooks like our RITR ones. Instead of some elaborate pouch you have to unzip to access, our MSM notebook cover allows one to do what all you really need; keep a pen or pencil nearby handy. Made of hypalon for the main material it is super durable and slip resistant. We even added a stash pocket on...

  • TK-4L Tourniquet
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    TK-4L Tourniquet

    The TK-4L Tourniquet is based on the TK-4 with a hardware upgrade of replacing one end with a tension hook to help allow maximum pressure. Still economical and compact, It can be applied with one hand and can be multipurpose such as used to apply pressure to bandages. Due to the size and overall low cost, these make for great backup and everyday carry...

  • TK-4 Tourniquet
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    TK-4 Tourniquet

    The TK-4 Tourniquet is an economical and compact tourniquet composed of simple elastic and steel hooks. It can be applied with one hand and can be multipurpose such as used to apply pressure to bandages. Based on my own experience I highly recommend bending the hooks a little more closed for more reliable rapid application. Due to the size and low cost...

  • Nalgene 32oz Wide
    Nalgene 32oz Wide

    If you need a simple water bottle it is hard to beat the bang for the buck on good ol' Nalgene. Made of Eastman Tritan they are very durable, BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe, and made in the USA. They won't retain odors and resistant to staining as well. The wide mouth makes for easy pouring and access for cleaning later. The popular mouth size also...

  • Rip Shears
    Rip Shears

    Rip-Shears: high speed trauma shears offering both cut and rip capability. Starting with the shears they are CE-approved fully assembled shears with black anodized surgical stainless steel blades offered in many tactical handle colors. The same attention for quality has been put into the ripper where the blades are made from 440A surgical grade stainless...

  • Tac-Clicker All Weather Pen
    Tac-Clicker All Weather Pen

    Pencils will work great on Rite in the Rain but sometimes you just need a pen. This 5.25" long metal All-Weather Pen writes on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30F to 250F. The ink won't leak, evaporate or blow up in your pocket! The whole end works as a clicker to offer speedy pen tip deployment and storage. Comes in a nice matte black and...

  • Rite In The Rain Notebooks
    Rite In The Rain Notebooks

    Black, Grey, and Brown now available! Protect yourself and your notes by using Rite in the Rain Tactical Pocket Notebooks. These 3" x 5" and 4" x 6" spiral bound notebooks have 100 Universal pages (50 sheets) in Green or Tan. With pages using the Universal Pattern, it is useful for notes and scaled drawings. Bonus scale reference material is also printed...


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