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  • MSM CYOA Loop Pack
    MSM CYOA Loop Pack

    The CYOA Loop pack name is based on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from back in the day and although the design starts with tactical use in mind, the hope is that all kinds of adventurers will find it useful. Starting with our Adapt pack for core design features we wanted to make a larger pack for those who found the Adapt pack to be too small....

  • Maxpedition VELDSPAR Shoulder Bag
    Maxpedition VELDSPAR Shoulder Bag

    The VELDSPAR is a crossbody shoulder bag optimized for concealed carry. The rear CCW compartment is fully loop-lined and has a 16.5" zipper opening. The main compartment has a pocket sized to fit most tablets. There is also has a side expandable bottle pocket with dual zipper garages that can accomodate a 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle....

  • Maxpedition Riftcore
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    Maxpedition Riftcore

    The RIFTCORE is an ergonomic backpack with quick release yoke-style straps. It is equipped with two locations for CCW placement, including a fully loop-lined rear compartment with two-way access. The middle compartment, which has a full clamshell opening, comes with multiple loop-lined adjustable straps that can be repositioned to make organizing and...

  • Maxpedition Gridflux Pack
    Maxpedition Gridflux Pack

    The GRIDFLUX is a sling pack with a reinforced padded shoulder strap.  The pack has two CCW compartments.  The first CCW compartment is located in the main compartment of the pack.  It is a fully-loop lined zipper pocket that can also be used for other objects, like electronics.  The second CCW compartment is located in the back of the pack.  It can be...

  • Maxpedition Wolfspur Shoulder Bag
    Maxpedition Wolfspur Shoulder Bag

    The WOLFSPUR is a crossbody shoulder bag optimized for concealed carry.  The rear CCW compartment is fully loop-lined and has 17 linear inches of zipper opening for unobstructed access.  The main compartment of the pack is lockable with a padded pocket sized to fit most tablets.  The WOLFSPUR also has a side expandable water bottle pocket that can...

  • MSM Boss Beaver
    MSM Boss Beaver

    After the success of the Adapt Pack we had some requests for a larger pack with more organization features. With that in mind, I’ve always liked the expandable idea of a beavertail, but on those packs I never appreciated how typically one had to release the beavertail to get to other compartments or when not in use the beavertail could be fairly floppy.So...

  • MSM Adapt Pack
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    MSM Adapt Pack

    The MSM Adapt Pack is our first pack design in collaboration with Tactical Tailor. The general design concept to be a lightweight pack that is ready for military use, while being just as handy for hard use civilians. Check out the video below for a quick breakdown, made in the USA. -Pack is able to be quickly setup ambidextrous for either 2 strap or...