KA-BAR MSM Knife 002 + TapRack Sheath Expand

KA-BAR MSM Knife 002 + TapRack Sheath


It has been a lot longer than we all wanted, but our collaboration knife with KA-BAR is now available in the 002 variant. Being very similar to the original 001, this 002 variant sports a drop point blade to give more options.

The general idea is to have a wide blade with an enhanced thumb ramp and thick enough for plenty of abuse. All kinds of grips are possible with the thumb ramp particularly forming great to one's hand in a reverse blade forward grip. The upper / top end of the blade comes unsharpened since knife laws between states get complicated there, however can easily be sharpened if desired. A classic cord wrap is used for the handle which offers a good grip even when wet and if you want to get fancy you can always cut it off and wrap your own. Being made overseas we understand not everyone will be happy about that, but there are several reasons why: The main one being we looked into USA options, but it was going to take a lot longer and cost a lot more for no real change in quality. In the end we wanted this blade to be available to common joe and actually be used like a tool instead of paying a load for and then ending up trapped in a safe. We ran into a big bottleneck with the factory sheath not having quite enough retention so had Tap Rack Holsters make us some pro sheaths which comes with the proven BladeTech Belt mount and we'll toss in some short malice clips for further mounting options.
Current batch is D2 Steel, Approx 3.5" Blade, overall 8.5" x 2", all blades have a black coat and OD-Green or Black cord wrap handle, however we are offering sheath color options of black, marine coyote, and multicam.

  • Multicam
  • Marine Coyote
  • Black
Handle Color
  • OD-Green
  • Black
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