Austri Alpin Cobra Sport - FM Buckle Expand

AustriAlpin Cobra® Sport - FM Buckle

Austri Alpin

Taking the success of the Cobra® Buckle, Austri Alpin now has released a Sport - FM(Fashion Model) where you get the same great stab insert design features and quality in a much smaller size. Giving up the human load bearing rating, it sill is rated 800lb working capacity for all kinds of belt and pack gear type projects.
NOTE: Just got in a resupply batch of standard and dual fixed in shiny black (in the past we had some in matte black). The width refers to webbing slot size, not overall buckle size
Not for use in safety, fall-protection, or high load bearing applications.

  • Black
  • Shiny Black
  • 1inch
  • DualFixed
  • Standard
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