MSM Mega Patch Book Expand

MSM Mega Patch Book

Tactical Tailor

NEW: Limited color batch Black with MulticamBlack webbing now available

I noticed some of my customers out there purchasing multiple patch books, so I thought it was time to offer some kit for the serious patch collectors. I got together with my buddies at Tactical Tailor and they manufactured my design rugged and milspec as always. Originally designed for 2 pages, I decided, F-it, make it 4! The end result is one can hold a crapload of hook backed patches. The party doesn't stop there in which the user can take pages out and add modular hook and loop attachments to use this book for tactical needs such as a pistol case. (attachments, guns, and such NOT included)

DIMS: Approx 12" x 10" x 3"
Design is clamshell opening based using double zippers with beefy metal sliders for ease of use. Exterior has loop area on the front for your fave display patch and no joke handles are incorporated for easy grab and go. Inside is a loop / pile fest, 4 removable pages included with each book. 

  • Multicam
  • Marine Coyote
  • Black
  • Foliage
  • RangerGreen
  • MulticamBlack
  • Black / McamBlack
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