TT RRPS Medium Mesh Pocket Expand

TT RRPS Medium Mesh Pocket

Tactical Tailor

Tactical Tailor’s Rapid Repositionable Pouch System (RRPS) serves a variety of needs and will attach to any hook and loop system. Designed to help organize packs, bags, or anything else lined with loop, these pouches can also be fixed onto the seat backs of vehicles to help organize mission essentials no matter where you are going.

The RRPS mesh pockets are the answer to helping organize, yet remaining flexible. Whether it’s for a vehicle, bag, or pack, these pockets help organize the miscellaneous items that end up getting crammed under a seat, or at the bottom of a bag with the rest of your gear. The small pocket is great for medical supplies, gloves, flashlights, batteries or anything else you need stored. Comes with a removable blank name tape on the front for labeling. Made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.
Approx: 10"W x 6.5"T x 2" Deep

  • Marine Coyote
  • Black
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