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  • Zombie Hunter Stencil
    Zombie Hunter Stencil

    More stencils, they are like stickers where the gift keeps giving. Made of 14 mil Mylar they offer flexibility to use on both flat and curved surfaces while still being durable for repeat use. Can tape on for quick action or use a temporary adhesive backing to get really clean line results. Stencil art size is about 6.5" x 7". If you have a little...

  • Zombie Hunter Decal
    Zombie Hunter Decal

    Decal version of the patch, done as a 3" x 3" die-cut. These are not your typical stickers as they are done on heavy duty vehicle wrap vinyl for great durability.  

  • Zombie Hunter T-Shirt
    Zombie Hunter T-Shirt

    Since the patch has been popular, turned this design into a shirt as well. Arid- Done on Dusty Brown shirts with an arid color scheme ink. Clean design style.Black- Done on Black shirts with mostly light grey ink. Design is distressed.The design is rowdy big on the back to let you know the MSM crew doesn't mess around. Front features small MSM logo on the...

  • Zombie Hunter Band
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    Zombie Hunter Band

    Zombie Hunter Silicone Bracelet. Durable and stretchy these are done on a tire tread band to give a more unique look and zombie apocalypse feel.Check here for a sizing chart: SIZING CHARTDon't worry about the size of your hand, these bracelets have plenty of stretch so the main concern is your wrist size.The large bands are 8-3/8" around and the medium...

  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter

    Sometimes people need an excuse to have a lot of guns and gear....and Zombie Huntn' is a good one!Hook fastener sewn on the back. 2.75" x 2.75" 

  • Zombie Hunter PVC
    Product available with different options
    Zombie Hunter PVC

    We are trying out PVC designs to give some more options. They look clean, are nice and durable, and hook won't stick to them like normal embroidery. Overall matte with very low reflectivity.Sometimes people need an excuse to have a lot of guns and gear....and Zombie Huntn' is a good one!Hook fastener material sewn on the back.2.75" x 2.75" 

  • Outbreak Response PVC
    Outbreak Response PVC

    A more discreet logo designed for zombie killn' fans. Rather than just zombies, this team comes in to clean up any biological threats to national security. 3.33" x 3" with hook fastener material sewn on the back. Glow version actually glows in the dark with a light charge.

  • Zombie Stencil T-shirt
    Zombie Stencil T-shirt

    We took our popular Zombie Hunter stencil and made it a T-shirt. Done on black and dusty brown shirts with distressed art effects.