ITW 1" Repair Buckle Expand

ITW 1" Repair Buckle



ITW 1" Repair Buckle (SRB) consisting of 2 pieces each unit:
810-1064-xxxx –  SR 1” female replacement buckle
810-1058-xxxx –  GTSR-1 male

The main design goal for these buckles was to replace broken 1" Side Release Buckles (SRB) without any sewing required. They work great for that, however I like to use them to add straps to my gear since they easily attach to PALS / MOLLE webbing. They take some elbow grease to ram the webbing through the slot to attach, but stay on great once installed.

• Ghillietex® IR reduction finish
• Made of durable Acetyl, a crystalline thermoplastic polymer.
Made in the USA by ITW Fastex.

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