ITW GT Cobra® Buckle Expand

ITW GT Cobra® Buckle


ITW Nexus North America is proud to partner with AustriAlpin, the GT Cobra high strength polymer buckle system. Designed to be more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market, with a targeted tensile load of 500lbf, the GT Cobra buckle is a 100% Polymer system with no metal components.  A few of the many GT Cobra advantages include its lightweight construction, noise discipline, Infra-red reduction compliance, cost to performance ratio, and 100% U.S. Berry Amendment compliance for Government applications. Just like the original Cobra buckles, the GT versions sport the ease of the stab insert design and interchangeable pieces. Currently available in sizes of 1.5" , 1.75", and 2" in fixed and adjustable versions, we are making progress on stocking all variants in black, coyote, and tan. Note!!: one will need to buy both a male AND a female piece to make a complete buckle, and width refers to webbing slot size, not overall buckle size.

  • Marine Coyote
  • Black
  • Tan
  • 1.5inch
  • 1.75inch
  • 2inch
  • Fixed
  • Adjust
Part Type
  • Male
  • Female
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