ITW Bar Button Expand

ITW Bar Button


Also known as Canadian style buttons, good for all kinds of projects including paracord, gear, and clothing. This product was developed to meet specific requirements for MILSPEC Govt programs and provides superior physical properties versus conventional melamine 4-hole sewn buttons.  The GhillieTEX material not only provides the user with the highest possible IRR Signal Reduction technology, but also eliminates the age old problem with melamine button failure due to hot/cold laundering cycles that creates brittle materials which crack and become FOD (Foreign Object Debris).  The slotted 10mm openings allow the manufacturing facility to install them using 10mm narrow ribbon fabric and a quick 'bar tack'.  This also eliminates the need for a button sewing machine.  The design is perfectly suited for pocket closures, and also works well as a secure latch point for any toggle system using elastic cord.
ITW Part # 743-0300-xxxx
Spec Sheet <PDF LINK> 


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  • Tan
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