ITW GTSR Waveloc Split-Bar 1inch Male Expand

ITW GTSR Waveloc Split-Bar 1inch Male



NOTE: Only the male-latch piece is sold on this page. For those tired of their straps slipping through normal buckles on actions such as rucking with speed, the Wavelocs offer a nice strong hold on 1" webbing. These will interface with other ITW and Duraflex 1" female pieces such as repair buckles, surface mounts, and the QASM. Being different from the original Waveloc this split-bar version allows for a no-sew option for installation. 1 unit = 1 Waveloc Latch
ITW Part Number: 810-1083-xxxx

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  • Marine Coyote
  • Tan
  • 1unit
  • 10unit


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