ITW SurfaceMount 1inch Expand

ITW SurfaceMount 1inch


ITW 1" Surface Mount Buckle consisting of 3 parts to make 1 unit:
810-1059-xxxx – Surface Mount Buckle
810-1060-xxxx – Surface Mount Base
810-1058-xxxx – GTSR-1 male
Another great SRB option, these Surface Mounts allow the female portion to be attached to fabrics. An example use is on magazine pouches as they enhance ease of use due to the female portion always being in the same place rather than flopping around attached by webbing. No sewing is required, however when going through fabric, holes need to be made for the base plate prongs, it is recommended to burn the holes rather than cut when using military fabrics such as Cordura. Once mounted the connection is permanent.

  • Black
  • Foliage
  • Tan
Unit Pack
  • 1unit
  • 10unit
  • 50unit
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